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"Now that the dust has begun to settle on Toyota's recall fiasco, it's being made clear that the toll on human life was greater than initially reported," reports U.S. News & World Report online. The title: "NHTSA: 89 Deaths Caused by Unintended Acceleration in Toyota Vehicles…Read More
What's that? Your throat feels sore? You're sniffling and sneezing? Bit achy? IT'S THE RETURN OF THE SPANISH FLU! Okay, that's satire - but not by much. Since 1990, every time some new viral pathogen comes along that grabs the media's attention, we hear it may be the Second…Read More
Is there any depth below which Godzilla Motors, formerly know as Toyota Motor Corp., will not go? The Washington Post has revealed "Toyota officials sought to develop a public relations campaign to attack the credibility of key witnesses who have testified before Congress about…Read More
Why in an age saturated with information, do we believe bizarre things? Things like crop circles, alien abductions, and 9/11 conspiracy theories? Why do we believe wild Toyota stories like the 94 mph "runaway Prius"? The gearbox allowed shifting into neutral by merely reaching…Read More
A year ago both the WHO and the UN warned that swine flu, which at the time had killed a grand total of eight people worldwide, could be the next Spanish flu - which killed around 50 million people. The only reason either body gave was precisely because swine flu seemed quite…Read More