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There's an interesting article in the Washington Post about Stephen Colbert's Catholicism, although one does note that he was taught by Jesuits, whose idea of Catholicism is not mainstream. But neither is it atheism. One thing I say for both Colbert and John Stewart is that agree…Read More
To much celebration and media play, the first human trial of embryonic stem cells has begun. With a grand total so far of one patient. "I don't understand having human trials because the animal studies aren't very convincing," David Bennett, a University of Alberta…Read More
"Border collie jill surveying the view from atop the sand dune." Those were the last words of Malibu plastic surgeon Frank Ryan, best known for "reconstructing" reality TV star Heidi Montag. It's not quite up there with "Et tu, Brute?" Yet it seemed important enough for him to…Read More
Throughout the phony flu pandemic I warned that health officials would lose credibility because basically everything they were telling us was false and, unlike with some phony predictions which are safely years away, these quickly be shown false. Turns out I was right - depending…Read More
What state ranks third in unemployment, second in foreclosures, has the nation's worst credit rating, is running a $19 billion deficit - yet insists on spending billions on a greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan that can't possibly impact global warming?"Hasta la vista to a…Read More