Michael Fumento and Science Under Siege

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Thoroughly researched, heavily documented, and compusively readable, Science Under Siege carries a powerful message that this nation cannot afford to ignore. Here is compelling evidence that many terrors of the day have been wildly exaggerated — even fabricated — by environmental activists, politicians, the bureaucracy, and the media.

Michael Fumento proves conclusively that dioxin, video-display terminals, power lines, pesticides, and other products are not the deadly threats to you and your family’s health that you have heard.

Praise for Science Under Siege

  • "Michael Fumento’s clear exposition of the way in which knowledge gained through good scientific research can be distorted and used to spread misconceptions and needless public fear should receive widespread attention."

    • Frederick Seitz, Past President, National Academy of Sciences
  • "Fumento exposes the hoodwinking of America with wit, integrity, passion, and common sense. An important book."

    • Dr. Bruce Ames, Professor of Biochemistry , University of California at Berkeley, and developer of the Ames mutagenicity test
  • "A sound critical evaluation of the excessive claims of the environmental enthusiasts."

Lancet Reviews Science Under Siege

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For an article on brief coverage of some of the topics in Science Under Siege, read How to Understand Scientific Studies and Epidemiology (Consumers’ Research Magazine, June 1993)
**Includes related article on risk ratios**