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Kellogg's Flaky Reasoning (the foundation)

By Michael Fumento

A year ago both the WHO and the UN warned that swine flu, which at the time had killed a grand total of eight people worldwide, could be the next Spanish flu - which killed around 50 million people. The only reason either body gave was precisely because swine flu seemed quite mild as did Spanish flu initially. So let's get this straight: Had swine flu come out of the starting gates knocking people over like tenpins it would have been more reassuring?

Now the W.K. Kellogg Foundation has awarded $75 million in grants to civic groups "working to eliminate racial disparities in communities across the country," the biggest amount the foundation has ever targeted at a single goal.

The reason, as the Washington Post put it, is "concern about the notion that issues of race had become less important since President Obama's election."

So just as it's worrisome that a new strain of flu is mild, it's worrisome that we have our first black president?

Someone has got to sit me down and explain this to me.

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Widening a highway is both an environmental AND civil rights issue?

By Michael Fumento

Was a time when "civil rights" meant things like equal opportunities in employment and schooling for racial and ethnic minorities. And "environmental" meant something affecting the environment. But government twists everything that's good.

122 mm shell
"We shall overcome three-lane tollways!"

Now leaders in Arlington County, Virginia where I live say plans for three high-occupancy toll lanes on the nearby highways will make traffic worse on nearby roads. But it's not just a transportation problem, they say in a federal lawsuit; it's also a civil rights issue.

Yes, invoking the Civil Rights Act, they're requesting a more stringent environmental study of the toll-lane project, citing among the chief concerns the potential effect of air pollution on the health of low-income and minority residents near the highways.

Arlington County Attorney Stephen MacIsaac said the suit was not intended to "create some kind of wedge issue on race or income," according to the Washington Post. "We're not just throwing this out there to throw in the race element," MacIsaac said. "We believe this is an environmental justice issue."

Right. So cleaning up Lake Erie so that it no longer burns and singing "We shall overcome" with the firehoses turned on you and the dogs biting your heels has come down to this.


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Too, too much about Rep. Joe Wilson's heckle

By Michael Fumento

Gee, and I thought August was supposed to be the slow news month.

"Joe Wilson is racist!" Why? Pres. Obama is black. Well, in the U.S. he is. That's a result of slave laws and the so-called "one drop rule." In any other country he'd be called mulatto - as white as he is black.

But okay, in this country he's called black. Wilson is white. Ergo, Wilson is racist right? Maybe. But you don't establish a pattern with one reference point.

Then you get the people who defend Wilson because, they say, Obama did lie.

Then you get the people who say Wilson is wrong because, they say, Obama didn't lie.

And then there are those who say it's arguable whether he lied or not, and go into a DEEP discussion of the merits of the accusation, but ultimately conclude Wilson shouldn't have done it.

I think even the last category is missing the mark.

No you're not going to get a 700-word column out of this, but here's all it comes down to. Wilson didn't show disrespect for Pres. Obama, be he black, mulatto or a shade of purple. He showed disrespect for the Office of the President.

It's that simple.

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