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Volunteer help wanted for short but fun job regarding The Toyota Terror

By Michael Fumento

I need a volunteer to scroll through a section of NHTSA complaints to come up with about 100 truly bizarre ones.

I'll send the file in Excel format, which can be read in Excel, Apple's spreadsheets, or in Open Office which is free. I'll give more guidance on what I'm looking for. But I promise you, you'll find this a real eye opener! It's a jungle in there! And this is for a very important purpose.

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Need access to full Nexis database for maybe 1 hour

By Michael Fumento

I need access to the full Nexis database for probably one hour to search articles from the 1980s. Please help. fumento@pobox.com

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Fumento Needs Patron Support

By Michael Fumento

I've provided a unique and valuable service for almost a quarter century. Nobody else does what I do. But if I'm to continue, I must receive substantial patron support. Without it, and soon, the pipeline goes dry.

Ever since my debunking of the 'heterosexual AIDS explosion' in 1987, I have repeatedly stood entirely or almost entirely alone among journalists and scholars in reporting the truth on a wide range of hugely important topics. Yet I've consistently been proved right while those who were wrong shamelessly moved on to misrepresenting the next big story.

I debunked both major hoaxes of 2009 and of 2010, the alleged "swine flu emergency" and the "runaway Prius." I'll soon do the same for the entire Toyota witch hunt. I have "a knack," as Publisher's Weekly put it, "for debunking popular beliefs and revealing the true state of things." I've brought hysterias to a screeching halt, calming terrified people and saving massive amounts of taxpayer dollars. Here's a list of some of my exposes.

Since I began writing under the name of the Independent Journalism Project in mid-June, I have placed over three dozen heavily-researched, original pieces on major topics in publications like the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes Online, Investor's Business Daily, NRO, the New York Post, and newspapers around the world.

But these publications pay anywhere from almost nothing to nothing, yet they're my total income. I could triple my wages flipping burgers. And no, I can't make ends meet by writing a book because heavily-researched books such as mine also pay well below minimum wage, To the contrary, I have two very important books in me that will never see print if I don't get support.

On the whole, I've published over 800 articles and columns (virtually all on my Web site), five heavily annotated-books (four with major publishers), several book chapters, two monographs, and uncounted white papers. I also blog prolifically on a broad range of subjects.

An objective measurement of my impact includes Amazon.com citations, Google Scholar mentions, and overall search engine hits on Yahoo! I have, respectively: 360, 900, and 1.8 million.

Insofar as William Shakespeare made virtually nothing from his work and therefore relied on patronage, I'm in good company. Ultimately, nobody in public policy gets by without some form of patron support. Ultimately, no plant produces fruit for long without sustenance. If I cannot get that sustenance working for the public, I'll have to get it from private industry.

And by the way, if you're thinking, "Surely somebody else will provide it!" Well, guess what? That's exactly what they're thinking!

My unique abilities should stay in the public domain. I'm making a difference in the world and you can make a difference through me. Learn more here about what you and I can accomplish together.

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"A Good Friday to Remember," my essay in NRO

By Michael Fumento

Good Friday, April 17, 1992: I'd just started a great job at Investor's Business Daily in Los Angeles, and two weeks earlier I'd purchased the car of my dreams, a beautiful, blue Toyota MR2 Turbo. To me, at least, it looked like a small Ferrari. It was fast and sleek. I was taking my girlfriend, Mary, who had just recently followed me out from Denver, where we'd met, to see a city she'd always dreamed of visiting: San Francisco.

But we were in no hurry, and I wanted her to see the majestic beauty of the central California coastline. That meant taking the Pacific Coast Highway. Cut into the cliffs and filled with sharp, winding turns, it can make for a white-knuckle ride in many parts. As the driver, you take quick glances at the scenery and then shoot your eyes back to the road. A front-page article in the Monterey County Herald would later be aptly titled "The Beauty and Danger of Highway 1." An accompanying piece: "Rocks and Surf below Highway Become Tomb for Some."

Those articles would be about us.

My essay "A Good Friday to Remember" isn't my usual fare, but judging from my email so far it's a powerful piece. It will make even a skeptic - somebody like me - think about the possibility of miracles.

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Fumento podcast with Faust Wertz, health care legislation, Toyota, and more

By Michael Fumento

Faust Wertz is a great interviewer and it's always a pleasure to be on her show. Today we discussed Toyota, health care legislation (including an NRO piece I have upcoming today), and Mike's need for financial support to keep doing what he's doing.

This is a very nice lady!

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Mike on the Tube

By Michael Fumento

Fox & Friends, Fox (duh!), 8:35 AM Tuesday.

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Mike on TV

By Michael Fumento

Neil Cavuto again, 4:10 EST today, FoxBusiness, Prius hoax.

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Fumento scheduled for Today Show Monday AM on Prius Hoax

By Michael Fumento

No guarantees! Starts at 7AM EST. Regarding my Forbes expose on the Prius Balloon Boy, James Sikes.

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Not without honor except in his own home . . .

By Michael Fumento

I'm a hit in the Czech Republic, a land renowned for beautiful architecture and even more beautiful women. Well, at least I got mentioned in a Czech language publication, CDN.CZ, which roughly states:

Other data collected by Michael Fumento from the Washington Times, reveal that people are panicked in the U.S. to seven percent of all visitors to clinics! Most of those who not been affected by H1N1 virus. And they have struck again with such weak signs that do not require hospitalization. By going to the crowded hospital, may greatly help the spread of disease.

Actually, it never occurred to me that mildly ill people going to emergency rooms were spreading the disease to the worried well. But obviously that must be the case. It's a false attribution I embrace! God bless the Czech Republic!

And those beautiful women.

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Volunteer very part-time help wanted on website.

By Michael Fumento

No, you won't get GI Bill benefits but then again you don't have to get shot at, either. It's for my website Fumento.com. But I will also soon be looking to build the Independent Journalism Project website, so help would be appreciated there too.

122 mm shell

Other than what will be a short learning curve, it could be just a few hours a week. That said, I've got a webmaster (also volunteer) who is rather amazing. He and I are both packed with ideas and have implemented many recently. So somebody with initiative could have all sorts of fun.

I don't feel bad about asking for volunteers in that so much of my own work is pro bono, including the site itself. But the site does have about 19,000 outside links and is important to a lot of people.

Please direct responses to fumento@pobox.com.


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