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Swine Flu Data Have Panic Purveyors Scared

By Michael Fumento

One blog site, Effect Measure, part of a consortium called "Science Blogs," that had long warned of the inevitable utter devastation of pandemic avian flu - and condemned my "rantings that bird flu was a "Chicken Little" story - quickly latched onto swine flu as its substitute. Now, bitterly disappointed by the realization that tens of millions of people are not going to die, it's telling readers to ignore the swine flu data in favor of heart-rending anecdotes. Very scientific!

"As this outbreak moves forward we will be barraged by numbers and statistics. This is a form of spectator sport to which we have become accustomed," it states. "As the late epidemiologist [and alarmist] Irving Selikoff once remarked about the horrific toll of asbestos victims, 'death statistics are people with the tears wiped away.'"

And non-death statistics are cause for mourning.

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"Band of Bloggers," including Fumento footage, premiers on History Channel Friday

By Michael Fumento

Explore the impact of blogging as a new medium for immediate and raw information. In the midst of modern day combat examine the unfiltered and raw evolution of military blogs and bloggers. Listen as soldiers who during their recent Iraq deployments reflect on the important connection they had with their blogging and how the band of military bloggers has revolutionized the way we understand combat. Experience firsthand, unfiltered accounts of the pain, the hardship, and even the simple beauty found in Iraq; stories that often go unseen in the media's coverage of the war.

That's the History Channel's plug for its show, "The Band of Bloggers," which first airs Fri. Nov. 9 at 8pm. I'm told it will contain 56 seconds of my footage from Ramadi, including a near rooftop sniping of a soldier in 1/506, 101st Airborne Division and the subsequent ambush we endured. It may also include some of my firefight footage with Seal Team 3, including both Mike Monsoor and Marc Allen Lee, both later killed in action.

Subsequent air times are here.

If my 56 seconds aren't there, don't sue me.

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A reader comments on Troll Lambert and gigantic egos

By Michael Fumento

Dear Mr. Fumento:

I just read your article regarding the Lancet article and your comments about Tim Lambert and his web site, Deltoid.

Lambert Troll
Troll Lambert waiting to pummel somebody
smarter than him. He won't have to wait long.

Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor asked me to view the site and comment when they opened a new section dealing with Rachel Carson. I foolishly tried to engage them in an intelligent and mannerly discussion. I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. Any honest-hearted person who "reads and comments on Deltoid is spitting into the wind." Snotty juvenile manners and gigantic egos are the order of the day for Lambert and his acolytes. They clearly filter the comments and I think there is some back door discussion between them before the comments appear. They will take one or two words or one sentence (ignoring the entire context of what is said) and declare everything stated as being debunked in great triumph. What a waste of time. I would love to know what he does for a living. Can anyone that ridiculous do anything that is worth anything?

My response:

Probably not, and in Lambert's case certainly not. He is a computer professor, meaning he may teach as few as nine hours a week. (I know a professor who did, at full pay.) He's also only written a handful of published papers in his lifetime, none on issues that he blogs about. That gives him lots of time to troll the web for people to attack who make him feel insecure by being smarter than he is. (He started a vendetta against when I made him look like a fool, notwithstanding that doing so is easier than "dieting" on chocolate cake.) It's long been said that idle hands are the devil's workshop. Add in blogging software than can be used by a child and you've got a really bad combination. The troll also uses his free time (and perhaps money) to make sure his personal attacks appear in the top ten of a Google search of that person's name and to make sure his Deltoid postings are repeated over and over on blog search engines like Feedster and Technorati. That makes readers have to scroll through several pages to find the original of whatever it is that he and his little but vociferous gang are attacking, and as he knows many readers will not. In other words, he abuses science, he abuses individuals, he abuses search engines, and probably abuses himself as well - though we won't go into that.

One can only hope Troll Lambert will join "Second Life" (Do they have troll avatars?) and finally get a first life.

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Joe Katzman's greed and dishonesty on "Winds of Change"

By Michael Fumento

When Joe Katzman invited me to blog on his site, "Winds of Change," I happily accepted. Mine is a hybrid site that emphasizes articles over my blog so I thought it would be a chance for good additional exposure. Alas, it turns out that Katzman cares naught for truthfulness but only for exposure and money. He and his buddy "Armed Liberal" gave me grief for not responding to comments. My response in part:


The two top bloggers, Michelle Malkin and Instapundit, make no room for comments - any more than I do on my website. John Hawkins allows for comments but does not respond, nor does he allow guest bloggers to respond. Why? Because most comments are inane, saying readily falsifiable things and often are simply insulting. That includes the specific comment [from "Andy X"] you insisted I respond to, which you can see from the response I did reply to at your urging, that was incredibly stupid and (Who knew?) implicated homosexuality on my part. How edifying! But you felt it deserved a response; nay, that not responding to it made your site look bad. I've got news for you; giving people like that the time of day is what puts egg on your face.

Your site has brought nothing to me. You receive advertising revenue but have made no offer to share. Conversely, I have brought to you the experience of 18 years of accurate science and health writing, and five books published. While one definition that fits most bloggers is "People who can't get anybody to publish their material but themselves," that is quite the opposite of me. Within the last week (singular) I have been in TCS Daily, The American Spectator, the New York Post, and Citizen magazine.

In short, I was doing you a great favor and you spat in my face. Well, the wind has changed and the spit has gone back into your face. Goodbye and good riddance.

(Incidentally, Timothy Trollbert at "Deltoid" used this to claim I had been "booted off" the site.)

Part of Katzman's original response was to claim that his site does not make a profit, that all those ads that litter it merely pay for its upkeep. Anybody who operates a website can take one look at all that litter and know Katzman is full of it. I count ten, including a rotating Flash one that sometimes features ESPN. Meanwhile, he has the simplest type of blogsite there is - nothing but text and images. ESPN alone must pay his costs more than ten times over. Katzman's bloggers do the work and he reaps the profits. It is indeed his advertising - his trolling for hits to support it - that makes him insist his bloggers respond to even the most idiotic and insulting comments.

In a later post, our greedy friend tried to defend "Andy X." Andy X's comment (aside from implicating my sexuality) was that I criticized Newsweek for saying, "Many scientists are quick to emphasize that comprehensive human trials [on amniotic/placenta cells such as those discussed in a new paper by Anthony Atala] are still many years away." I had pointed out that in fact one for multiple sclerosis was already underway. That hardly constitutes "many years away."

But the brilliant Andy X, whom Katzman insisted I must respond to, said Newsweek used the plural, whereas I had cited only one trial. That's pure sophistry. It stands to reason that if there is one there could be more, and indeed I supplied another which was reported in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine way back in 1996. And that should have been the end of Andy X. (I since easily located another in the same journal.)

But Katzman was cornered and desperate to malign me so he claimed I misrepresented the original paper in question, that in January's Nature Biotechnology. He said my claim that the paper showed that Atala's stem cells could be converted to mature cells from all three germ layers that make up all the cells in the body was false.

Here's a quote from Atala from PBS's Online Newshour:

"And, therefore, we have been able to drive the cell to what we call all three germ layers, which basically means all three major classes of tissues available in the body, from which all cells come from."

We therefore have Joe Katzman saying that Atala (and by derivation, Fumento) is lying about Atala's paper. Personally - and call me crazy - I'm going to go ahead and side with Atala.

And by the way, it took me less than 10 seconds to Google that quote. Mr. Katzman either needs to learn how to use a search engine or at least to realize that others have that capability and hence the capability to show him to be the fool he is.

In short, Katzman is a dishonest person. If you blog on his site, he's just using you. If you patronize his site, keep in mind he'll print anything he thinks will increase his hits.He puts money first and veracity last with nothing in between.

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Wonkette, call Google tech support!

By Michael Fumento

The blog site Wonkette displays my photo of Michelle Malkin wearing my body armor with the parenthetical, "(We don't have any idea why a blogger in Northern Virginia owns body armor, either.)" A Google search using the terms "Fumento" and "embed" and "Iraq" comes up with over 20,000 hits. You might think that would be a little hint -- or would be as soon as Wonkette figures out the intricacies of using a search engine.

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