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Swine flu and heterosexual AIDS

By Michael Fumento

About 57 million Americans, or something less than a fifth of the population, have contracted swine flu since April, the CDC says, of whom it estimates about 11,690 have died.


Never mind that data from other countries like France and Japan indicate the ratio of deaths to infections is probably much lower than CDC assumes and therefore that 11,690 figure is probably far too high. It could be just 5,000 or even lower. It remains that this same agency says that on average 36,000 Americans a year die of regular old garden variety seasonal flu.

Anyway you figure it, as I've repeatedly written, and as the rest of the U.S. media have repeatedly not written - thereby giving the U.S. policy makers and the World Health Organization (WHO) free rein - swine flu is so mild that it acts as an inoculation and actually prevents a lot of deaths. In early October I noted we saw that pattern in New Zealand and Australia, where they had their flu seasons before we did and even had no swine flu vaccine, and therefore we would see it here.

That despite apocalyptic estimates of 30,000 to 90,000, according to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology or "89,000 to 207,000," according to a Washington Post op-ed by flu book author John Barry. (Not incidentally, the Post has repeatedly turned down anti-hysteria pieces of mine that were good enough to appear in other prestigious publications.)

In the meantime, the federal government has probably spent over $10 billion "fighting" the “roaring razorback” that proved to be a pathetic piglet, and a lot of people have been scared out of their wits. Around the world, other governments did likewise after the WHO declared its phony pandemic in an effort to cover for yet another hysteria that it fomented, that of avian flu.

That's not to mention Secretary-General Margaret Chandler's invocation to her minions to use the swine flu scare to convince governments that "changes in the functioning of the global economy" are needed to "distribute wealth on the basis of" values "like community, solidarity, equity and social justice."

Why fight disease when you can fight capitalism?

Yet as with the first phony epidemic I began writing about, heterosexual AIDS way back in 1987, these data were out there all along for anybody to pick up and relate. The Internet has made it all the easier. Nobody sent me anything in a plain brown envelope. There was no "Deep Throat" informant and none required. Likewise with other phony infectious disease scares I've written about, including "pandemic Ebolavirus," SARS, and avian flu. Twenty-two years on and it's the same old thing.

Am I a reincarnation of Nostradamus who, inexplicably rather than making billions playing the lottery, is doing work that doesn't begin to cover his mortgage payments? Or is there something horribly, horribly wrong with our media? And for you "new media" fans, sorry but those teeming millions of bloggers missed the boat as well.

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Pandemic hysteria blast from the past

By Michael Fumento

While researching the World Health Organization's campaign to grotesquely exaggerate the swine flu threat, I came across this little gem from a 1990 edition of the New York Times. "Eight to ten million people around the world are now infected with the virus that causes AIDS, and the incidence of the infection is rising dramatically in some parts of the world, the World Health Organization reports."

Scary stuff!

Too bad the Grey Lady neglected to mention that just four years earlier the WHO had predicted that by 1990 there would be 50 to 100 million infections.

Isn't it nice to know some things never change?

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Heil condomania!

By Michael Fumento

Condomania, which I first criticized back in 1987, still lives.

"AIDS funkionert besser wie Zyklon B, nicht wahr Fraulein!"

A German "AIDS awareness" group is under fire for posting an online video that begins with a young couple having sex in an apartment before revealing the male to be a grinning Adolf Hitler. A heterosexual couple, naturally.

Its closing message: "AIDS is a mass murderer."

Other ads will feature Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein.

So not "wearing a sheath on your John Thomas," as the Brits would say, is sort of like killing six million Jews? Doch ja!

With reality like this, how can satirical publications like The Onion stay in business much longer?

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Send him to the HIV/AIDS sensitivity re-education camp!

By Michael Fumento

Letter to the editor, Washington Post, September 1, 2009

HIV/AIDS Isn't A Shared Risk

Regarding the Aug. 29 Metro article "District Launches HIV-Test Campaign":

D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty was quoted as saying, "Everybody is at risk" regarding HIV/AIDS.

Really? Everything I have learned about HIV/AIDS is that it can be avoided with some common sense. The message that we're all at risk contradicts the facts of how this disease is spread. HIV/AIDS education apparently has a long way to go.

The only thing "we're all at risk" for is continuously having our tax dollars spent on programs that ignore the truth and cater to people who live a dangerous lifestyle.



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Cracks are forming in the myth of worldwide AIDS

By Michael Fumento

For years, I and a handful of others have dared write that worldwide HIV and AIDS figures have been grossly exaggerated; that the official authorities have been lying. I first criticized the African doomsaying in my 1990 book, the Myth of Heterosexual AIDS - 17 years ago! For our troubles we critics were hung, drawn, and quartered.

Now, as I discuss in my new article in The American Spectator Online, "An Epidemic of Falsehoods," the UNAIDS program has admitted its HIV estimate from last year was over six million too high, dropping it from 39.5 million to 33.2 million. The agency also now admits the number of new HIV infections per year peaked way back around 1998.

Trust me; the "corrected" figure is still a gross exaggeration. And as I make clear, the inflated figures were no mere mistake in methodology, as the official and unofficial alarmist groups would have us think. It was a concession that our trusted officials (Trusted by the mainstream media, anyway) could no longer maintain such a massive fiction against the onslaught of reality. It's a sordid tale, but an interesting one. And it's far from over.

Now, when will they admit they've grossly exaggerated the risk of pandemic avian flu?

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Hysteria, not illness or death, drives gov't disease spending

By Michael Fumento

You've heard that the highly-drug resistant germ MRSA causes 94,000 U.S. invasive infections each year, with about 19,000 deaths. Here's what you haven't heard. As I write in the New York Sun, the government is doing practically nothing about it.

Meanwhile it's working mightily and spending the bank on three diseases that have yet to kill a single American and probably never will: Ebola virus, SARS, and avian flu. Federally-funded Ebola and SARS vaccines are in human trials and the government is already stockpiling FDA-approved avian flu vaccine. Yet government-funded MRSA vaccine research is still in mice.

One spending comparison: Congress has specifically earmarked $5.8 billion for avian flu, the threat of which continually recedes. Yet, although the CDC lists in addition to MRSA 8 important diseases connected to antibiotic resistance, the total annual budget for these is merely $221 million.

I conclude: "We need a government that pays more attention to medical statistics than to headlines. The one we have now is killing us."

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Perform Miracles with Your PC

By Michael Fumento

"Distributed computing" could theoretically lead to such massive supercomputers as to cure every disease known to man. It works by tapping into the unused portion of your PC's CPU. One percent of all CPUs so linked would absolutely blow away the most powerful stand-alone supercomputers in existence. Read more about how this works and why you need to become a part of it in my new TCS.daily article, "An Idle Computer Is the Lord's Workshop."

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"Dean's World" is one of prevarication

By Michael Fumento

The blogsite Dean's World suggests that I agree with nutcase Peter Duesberg that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. A simple Google search reveals I think he's a crank and that HIV most certainly causes AIDS. So I tried to leave a comment saying so but Dean's World makes you register. Okay, okay, so I tried to register. But Dean's World says it's not taking new registrations. Huh? So pull your head out of your butt, Dean, and pull down your mention of me as supporting your bizarre conspiracy theories. And don't pretend you allow people to leave comments when you don't.

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Hurray! No need to worry about getting AIDS!

By Michael Fumento

Well, that's the good news. The bad news is because you already have it. Or so says a t-shirt on a man shown on the front page of the Sunday Washington Post. Specifically, it reads: "We all have AIDS." So toss the condoms, forget about abstinence and all that. Of course, I feel like an absolute fool having written for two decades that AIDS would always be a highly limited disease in this country and anyone who told you otherwise was spouting propaganda. But you can't argue with a t-shirt that the capital's newspaper of record decided to flaunt on its front page.

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AIDS in Africa Grossly Exaggerated? No!!!!

By Michael Fumento

The UN has finally admitted the African AIDS epidemic is far less severe than it's been claiming all along. It gives all sorts of wonderful reasons, but strangely enough I've been saying this since my AIDS book came out in 1990 and periodically updating it in my columns.

What did I know that the UN didn't? Or what did the UN know that it wouldn't let on?

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New theory on cause of AIDS

By Michael Fumento

In a demonstration I observed in McPherson Square today that comprised about 100 individuals (and that organizers will claim comprised a million) I saw signs reading: "Bigotry causes AIDS." As a health writer I feel quite foolish because I always thought that it was a virus, one primarily transmitted by anal sex and shared needles. Other signs declared: "Bush Has Declared War on AIDS." Indeed, in a sense he has. His administration has spent more per year on both AIDS research and medical and non-medical assistance to AIDS victims than that of any other president. Glad I'm not completely in disagreement with those million protesters.

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