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"Cold-Blooded Murderers Can Still Make A Killing," my article in Forbes.com

By Michael Fumento

When will we fully accept that highly talented writers, even if convicted murderers, should never be in jail? Didn't we see that with the killer Norman Mailer helped spring, who just a month later stabbed ... Uh, never mind.

Celebrity murderer Wilbert Rideau, living the good life

I had my own personal experience regarding such a sprung celebrity murderer, Wilbert Rideau, who has just published his autobiography: In the Place of Justice: A Story of Punishment and Deliverance. Ted Koppel called it "a breathtaking and, ultimately, triumphant story of rehabilitation through endurance and courageous journalism" in a book jacket endorsement. Likewise, when Rideau got out five years ago, newspapers worldwide proclaimed Lady Justice had prevailed!

But no, she wept bitterly. For Rideau remains what he was when I knew him 22 years ago—a highly intelligent, highly literate, extremely tricky, cold-blooded killer.

Health Warning: Persons with high blood pressure should get a note from their doctor before reading my article on a terrible miscarriage of justice.

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My article: "Purveying Pig Flu Panic at the Post"

By Michael Fumento

"Panic is what we want," Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum wrote last May of swine flu. "Panic is good," she said, also labeling the disease a "pandemic" five weeks before the World Health Organization (WHO) did.

The Post's rational response to swine flu

Yet flu season is now officially over and we've had about 12,500 total flu deaths, or a third the usual number according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates.

Still, say what you will about the Post Opinions page coverage of swine flu, it was consistent. It kept on promoting panic, notwithstanding they knew they were wrong, that indeed one of their contributors was outright lying. I know because I repeatedly kept them informed. Read my article about those estimates of 207,000 American dead and nine million worldwide that Opinions foisted on us - in the name of spreading panic.

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"'Denialism' has no place in scientific debate," my letter in Nature Medicine

By Michael Fumento

The key sentence in the letter is this, "'Denialist' is an ad hominem argument, the meaning of which is defined entirely by the user, intended to discredit the accused without evidence."

The "anti-denialism" campaign is, to use a word I rarely employ, a literal conspiracy - albeit something of an open one in that it's openly pushed by Chris Mooney. The purpose is two-fold.

1) Brand those with the "wrong" scientific views not just as "kooks" or "nuts" but as literally pathological. This from a recent article in The New Scientist:

"Instigators of denialist movements have more serious psychological problems than most of their followers. 'They display all the features of paranoid personality disorder [according to one quoted "expert"]' "including anger, intolerance of criticism, and what psychiatrists call a grandiose sense of their own importance." The "expert" goes on to say, "Ultimately, their denialism is a mental health problem. That is why these movements all have the same features, especially the underlying conspiracy theory."

2) Lump those whose ideas you wish to defame with people who truly are whacko. Thus there's no difference between not accepting the party line on global warming and believing vaccines cause autism or HIV doesn't cause AIDS.

It is truly insidious and we're going to be hearing a lot more from these people.

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Obama exploits oil spill to boost support for climate bill

By Michael Fumento

"President Obama tried Wednesday to channel public outrage about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill into support for a climate-change bill, seeking to redefine an issue that threatens to tarnish his presidency," according to the Washington Post.
I've written on how absolutely anything, and I do mean anything, can and has been used to show the ill impact of global warming, including:

"That does it! We've got to ram that global warming bill through!"

Brain-eating amoebae, brothels struggle, cannibalism, circumcision in decline, Earth to explode, earth upside down, football team migration, Garden of Eden wilts, invasion of king crabs, Italy robbed of pasta, killer cornflakes, Loch Ness monster dead, mammoth dung melt, opera house to be destroyed, seals mating more, spiders invade Scotland, squid larger, squid tamed, UFO sightings, Vampire moths, violin decline, witchcraft executions.

Now it appears absolutely anything can be used as an excuse to pass climate change legislation. I think we should all help our president by coming up with even more reasons! I'll start it off and you can send your contributions, which I can then post and subsequently hand deliver to our Chief Executive. The best will probably be those that relate in some way specifically to Obama.

  • The pet dog, Boa, piddled the carpet in the Oval office.

  • "Those idiot birthers just won't quit!"

  • "30 Rock" last night was a rerun.

  • Obama saw a cloud formation that looked just like global warming.

  • His organic bread turned green overnight. (No, wait! That happened to me!)

  • "Those damned "v1agra" and "V!agra" emails are getting through the spam filter.

  • Michelle had "a headache" last night.

  • To honor veterans of the Seminole Indian War.

  • Obama had the strangest dream in which cute little bunnies became man-eating snails.

  • They've released another DVD edition of The Wizard of Oz.