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"The People Speak," my NRO piece on Obama's nonsense about the Obamacare vote

By Michael Fumento

Shortly after the House approved the massive, historic health-care legislation and sent it to President Obama for his signature, the president declared the vote "proved that this government - a government of the people and by the people - still works for the people."

In fact, according to Pollster.com, which tracks surveys, eight non-partisan polls surveyed Americans about attitudes towards the legislation just before the vote. None showed a majority of support. In fact, Obama's "the people" is closer to a third of the electorate.

But when you dig deeper, looking at specific responses such as those showing "strong" support or "strong" disapproval, it looks even worse.

Americans want health care reform, but they clearly didn't want this bill. Why didn't Congress go back to the drawing board to present more palatable legislation? Read about it in my NRO piece, "The People Speak."

March 27, 2010 12:58 PM  ·  Barack Obama ~ Health Care  ·  Recent Posts