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Flu Watch Nov. 30 - What Swine Flu ISN'T Doing

By Michael Fumento

Swine flu is dying. Flu deaths and hospitalizations have declined for the third straight week according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Reported infections have dropped 83% from their peak four weeks ago, and now only 32 states report widespread flu activity compared to 48 at the epidemic height.

CDC-defined "influenza-like illnesses" on college campuses are about a third what they were just two weeks ago, down from 29 new cases per 10,000 students to just 13.4. In all, 157,000 cases with a mere two deaths. So much for swine flu scything through the young.

And although the CDC's estimate for U.S. swine flu deaths puts them at a third to a twelfth that of seasonal flu at one in 5,500 cases, the estimate in France is just 1 death per 48,000 cases, while that in Japan is 1 per 140,000. "This little piggie" just keeps looking littler and littler.

New Zealand risk and policy advisor Ron Law estimates that for health people, the risk of swine flu death is about 1 per 400,000 as opposed to 1 per 7,500 for U.S. auto accidents - and yet many who have panicked over swine flu assuredly don't bother to buckle up.

That's what hysteria'll do for ya!

December 1, 2009 12:38 PM  ·  Swine Flu