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Heil condomania!

By Michael Fumento

Condomania, which I first criticized back in 1987, still lives.

"AIDS funkionert besser wie Zyklon B, nicht wahr Fraulein!"

A German "AIDS awareness" group is under fire for posting an online video that begins with a young couple having sex in an apartment before revealing the male to be a grinning Adolf Hitler. A heterosexual couple, naturally.

Its closing message: "AIDS is a mass murderer."

Other ads will feature Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein.

So not "wearing a sheath on your John Thomas," as the Brits would say, is sort of like killing six million Jews? Doch ja!

With reality like this, how can satirical publications like The Onion stay in business much longer?

September 9, 2009 10:15 AM  ·  AIDS