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Constructive criticism on swine flu writing

By Michael Fumento

The level of denial of reality is so frigging high in this article that I am now certain that you are a sick faggot.

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Figuring How To Terrify Us Over Swine Flu

By Michael Fumento

"U.S. health officials say swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years and as many as several hundred thousand could die." So declares an Associated Press article, the writer of which you can picture trying to catch his breath as he pounds away at the keyboard. In its exclusive revelation of unpublished figures, AP says "Those estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mean about twice the number of people who usually get sick in a normal flu season would be struck by swine flu."

No they don't. The CDC's influenza website shows they're essentially the same.

Welcome to the wonderful world of swine flu hysteria, in which health agencies - be it the World Health Organization (which declared a worldwide pandemic with just 244 deaths) or the CDC - can tell any scary story they want with the assurance that the mainstream media will never challenge them. That includes pointing to a piglet and proclaiming it to be a wild, raging boar.

Read the rest of my article in Investor's Business Daily.

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"Tanning beds as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas" (Not.)

By Michael Fumento

"Tanning beds as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas," declares the headline of one of many similar stories about a new study.

"According to new research tanning beds are as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas, which confirms what doctors long suspected," it declares. Wrongly.

The article was about cancer risks, which you would know without reading a word of it insofar as it appeared in the medical journal Lancet Oncology and was authored by scientists at the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Most people probably never even knew arsenic caused cancer and even I didn't know mustard gas does. It's not the most important information in the world, seeing as most of us are pretty careful to keep our exposure to arsenic and mustard gas to a minimum.

The writer confused acute toxicity, for which both arsenic and mustard gas are quite famous, with carcinogenicity. But was the writer truly confused? It was, after all, a study entirely about causes of human cancer. UV radiation from tanning beds just happened to be one of them. No, it was just a bit more disinformation to draw the reader's eye away from more responsible journalism.

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No Swine Flu Rationality Please, We're British

By Michael Fumento

The Exeter City Council, in southwest England, has announced plans to use 19th-century catacombs to contain the overflow of swine flu victims if the pandemic worsens.

"A council spokesman said the plan could be put into operation if the cemeteries and the crematorium could not keep up with funeral demands," according to Agence France-Presse. "We have some empty catacombs in an old cemetery in the city," a councilman said. "These are 19th century underground burial chambers which are normally a tourist attraction," he added, but can "be safely used for their original purpose and allow us to temporarily store bodies in the remote possibility that the need should arise."

Seasonal flu kills about 12,000 in England and Wales, or about 215 deaths each day during the approximately two-month season according to the Cabinet Office.

The total British swine flu death toll since the epidemic began three months ago, including also Scotland and Northern Ireland? About 30. Total swine flu deaths in the area around Exeter? About zero.

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Swine flu could be AS BAD as seasonal flu, says UK "worst-case" scenario

By Michael Fumento

What? Not vastly worse? Not somewhat worse? Not worse at all?

Read about it in the Wall Street Journal, which has a link to the actual report.

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Stem cell research hate mail (Enjoy!)

By Michael Fumento

Since you are so kinowledgeable about stems and their ineffectivness maybe you should call these company and have them unload the needles as they are loaded and ready for the first injections by many.

A cell is a cell but are usually taken from the own patient or a cadavier
or embryonic say a liver for a liver. Your not going to grow a third eyeball on your testicles when you have testicular cancer.

Pluripont stems or ips is the next generation. Stems have been done arounf the world and effective in many cases. One country who tried to beat the curve, i believe russia tried to rush into stems and caused a massive tumor on a patient.

This is America where we have great scientist and physicians to monitor every microspoic cell implanted.

Your story makes stems sound like some horror story Hitler would have
done in germany to the jews, Oddly one of the major stem players is
out of isreal.

We are not looking at decades for stems to develop as you heard quoted in 1998. The time is now and is here and going into phase 3 recruiting patients. Please reconsider or contact Dr Robert Lanza you will find him at wake forrest or at actc in cambridge,

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Embryonic Stem Cells "Cure" only Lack of Wealth

By Michael Fumento

The Obama administration has opened the floodgates on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, which advocates insist have the potential to cure virtually every malady from Parkinsonism to piles. Maybe. But paraplegics shouldn't post their wheelchairs on EBay just yet.

As I discuss in my Forbes Online piece today, "Decades Away: The Dirty Secret of Embryonic Stem Cell Research," even honest ES cell researchers and advocates admit that therapies and cures are "decades away." That may be 20 years, 30-50 years, or perhaps not in any of our lifetimes. What if Americans knew that?

And what if they knew that in any case the technology is "obsolete," as former NIH director Bernadine Healy - and former ES cell research advocate - puts it.

That's because there are competing therapies, such as adult stem cells, which have been curing people since the 1950s, have treated scores of different diseases, and have been the subject of over 2,000 clinical trials.

Yet, federal research spending is a zero sum game. Every new dollar spent on dead-end ES research will steal from more promising avenues, including adult stem cell research.

So what's behind the '"the embryonic-research economic juggernaut," as wheelchair-bound activist Jim Kelly puts it? Why, there's gold in them thar stem cells!

As I discuss in my New York Post piece, which also appeared today, "Embryonic Research Driven by Greed, not Science," patents on ES cells and material related thereto is making researchers and speculators into millionaires - all without treating a single patient. And what research is more dependent on taxpayer support than that which has no real benefit?

"People are dying, and they're going to continue to die, and people are paralyzed and will continue to stay paralyzed," says Jim Kelly, "all of them a victim of the embryonic-research economic juggernaut."

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Stem cell research "banned," says U.S. News

By Michael Fumento

"President Barack Obama will lift the eight-year ban on embryonic stem cell research on Monday, the White House has announced." So wrote Amanda Gardner for a Healthday item that ran in U.S. News & World Report under the headline "Obama to End Stem Cell Ban Monday." Meanwhile, even as individual states like California are spending $3 billion on research using the controversial cells ($6 billion, including interest), the National Institutes of Health has spent $373 million over the last six years for research on human embryos and $737 million for research on non-human embryos.

If that's a ban, would the government PLEASE ban my writing!

Actually, my AIDS book essentially was banned and it clobbered me. I guess it's a definitional thing . . .

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CDC Swine Flu Histrionics

By Michael Fumento

The CDC is sayingU.S. demand for swine flu vaccine could reach 600 million doses. "That's in case two doses are required for children and adults under 50, CDC representatives said," according to CNN. Really?

If people over 50 didn't need two doses, then that would be more vaccine than we'd need assuming ever last American were vaccinated. But as the CNN story notes, with no irony, "That would come on top of the 115 million doses of seasonal flu that are distributed annually, health officials said Friday." In a typical year, about 80 million Americans get flu shots.

So let's get this straight. The CDC can only manage to distribute 115 million doses of vaccine for seasonal flu, which is many times deadlier than swine flu. But it's determined to vaccinate every last American for swine flu. Does that make sense? Medically, no. From a power-seeking bureaucrat's perspective, absolutely.

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