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Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor to Receive Medal of Honor

By Michael Fumento

SEAL and Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike Monsoor will posthumously receive the nation's highest award, the Medal of Honor. It will be given to his parents in a White House ceremony April 8. The next day there will be a Hall of Heroes Dedication followed by a Navy Memorial Dedication. He died in Sept. 2006 after throwing himself on a hand grenade and thereby probably saving the lives of three of his comrades.

I first wrote about being in combat with Monsoor's unit in Ramadi, Iraq in April of 2006 in my Weekly Standard "New Band of Brothers" article, though he wasn't mentioned by name. He was killed just as I was returning to Ramadi later in the year, and one of the photos I took of him during that first fight graced the cover of the issue containing my subsequent article. I plan to attend and to write about the Medal of Honor Ceremony.

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