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Update on Oliver North and McClung et al.

By Michael Fumento

Oliver North
Oliver North

As it happens, in a syndicated column Oliver North did mention Maj. McClung although he couldn't use her name yet pending notification of kin. Remarkably, there is no mention that she was killed accompanying he and his crew.

"A proffered hot cup of coffee was gratefully accepted as the Major helped us load our backpacks, camera gear and satellite broadcast equipment aboard a dust-encrusted Humvee," he wrote in a Dec. 8 column. "Just hours later, this widely respected and much admired Marine officer and two brave U.S. Army soldiers were dead, killed by an IED -- an improvised explosive device -- the insidious weapon of choice for terrorists in Iraq."

She helped load his gear and later died. That's it.

In my case, when somebody risked his life because he thought I was hurt even though I had just hit the ground to avoid machine fire, I gave him full credit.

One brave soul, who proved to be Sgt. Falk, risks his hide by jumping from his relatively safe position along the wall to pull me in. "I'm just taking cover!" I yell. But he's determined to rescue me, even as my rolling [to a protective wall] and the lack of a handle on my body armor makes it impossible for him to grab me. That I wasn't actually hurt makes him no less a hero in my book.

That's the way it should be done. In this case, somebody did die trying to help North. Three somebodies. Oliver North should acknowledge that. So should Newsweek.

December 18, 2006 04:59 PM  ·  Military