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That does it! I'm becoming a global warming hothead!

By Michael Fumento

Oh, no! "Study: global warming boosts poison ivy," declares the Associated Press headline. "Another reason to worry about global warming: more and itchier poison ivy," reads the lede. Having had a couple of nasty brushes (literally) with the stuff, that's all I need to know. Not. If you get past the headline and lede, you find out that what's going to cause this awful blossoming isn't global warming at all but rather increased atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). There is a connection, in that global warming advocates claim that C02 emissions are the chief culprit in making the earth hotter. But that's like looking at a decaying animal and declaring the cause of death was flies. Moreover, there's no special relationship between CO2 and poison ivy. Increases in CO2 make all plants grow faster and healthier. So yes, poison ivy and poison oak and kudzu all benefit from increased atmospheric C02. But so do rain forests, fruit trees, crops, and flowers. Indeed, as we've seen from previous warm periods such as the medieval one, global warming directly benefits crops by extending growing seasons and allowing crops in places previously to cold to even allow them. But if you're waiting for an AP headline like: "Study: Global Warming Boosts Production of Food and Forest," hell will freeze over first.

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My photos from Fallujah and Ramadi now posted

By Michael Fumento

Yes Virginia, there is an Iraq outside of Baghdad. And there are lots of neat things to photograph besides the latest victims of a Baghdad bombing. Here's a slideshow presentation of 250 of them, from darling tykes to fierce fighting, to one of the strangest war injuries you'll ever see. (Is that a good teaser, or what?)

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Unintelligent Author

By Michael Fumento

Jonathan Yardley, in his Washington Post review of Steven Poole's book "Unspeak," ("Fighting Words," May 24) gives examples of terms that try "to sell you something." One example: "'Intelligent Design' suggests that those who are faithful to the Darwinian theory of evolution are something other than 'intelligent.'" Yardley and Poole are both wrong: "Intelligent design" refers not to the holder of any belief. Rather, quoting from Wikipedia, "Intelligent Design is the concept that "certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection."

Yardly also says "pro-life" is "certainly one of the most misleading and insidious examples of the genre" indicating "those on the other side are 'pro-death.'" Funny, no mention of "pro-choice," as if the fetus has a say in the matter of whether it is to be aborted or not.

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Believe it or not, Cindy Sheehan is still at it.

By Michael Fumento

Cindy Sheehan, who eats her young (or in any case exploits their dead bodies) got 30 minutes of fame instead of 15 and keeps trying to go for 45. It would be nice to think that she's getting a lot less attention because the media have finally figured out that her only real cause is Cindy Sheehan. But actually, it's probably just burnout. In the event, her antics could be worth following just for entertainment value -- especially if you like groaning. For example, I just learned from that Sheehan went on a spending spree with her soldier son's $250,000 life insurance policy but somehow couldn't find loose change to give his body a headstone. We know because Vanity Fair had a two-page photo spread of her lying on the grave in a black catsuit. (Myself, I like to wear my Speedos when I visit loved ones in cemeteries.) It's not every day that Vanity Fair features trailer trash, but then Cindy Sheehan is by nobody's account an ordinary woman.

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Letters from relatives of soldiers I wrote of in Ramadi

By Michael Fumento

I incorporated some letters reacting to my Ramadi blogs in my latest article, "The Band of Brothers (and their Mothers)." I was touched. Perhaps you will be, too.

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My article "Back to Falluja" in current Weekly Standard

By Michael Fumento

The first article to come out of my trip to Al Anbar, Iraq is the cover story in the current Weekly Standard. You can read it there or online on my website. I've also posted more photos.

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