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How 'bout those fetal stem cells! (Yawn.)

By Michael Fumento

Once again the media show either their ignorance or bias or both in reporting on stem cells, this time regarding a study finding that fetal stem cells can help restore movement in mice whose spinal cords have been severed. Mind you, these are not the media's favorite type of stem cell, the embryonic variety. Rather these would fall into the category of "adult" stem cells in the same way stem cells from placenta and umbilical cords do. So no, this isn't a boost for embryonic stem cell research. Moreover, it's old hat. As I wrote in a column in May, 2005: "Research showing partial regeneration of injured rodent spines from adult stem cells goes back a decade, and is now undergoing human testing. Others have used mature Schwann cells from the brain to regenerate animal spinal tissue." Sure the media ignored these developments, but they happened just the same.

September 21, 2005 11:53 PM  ·  Stem Cells