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Viva Fidel!

By Michael Fumento

An interesting exchange with an editor who objected to my Nativo Lopez piece:

What experience do you have as a Black [sic] person the [sic] condemn Jessie and Sharpton the way you do, especially when your article is about a Hispanic?

No fan of Jessie and Al here, just curious about your motivation. And who do you esteem [sic] to be worthy leaders for Blacks [sic]?

I thought Kerry was a good leader for Whites [sic], but look what happened.

I think [radical] Noam Chomsky will be a good leader for them too.

Heck, I think Fidel Castro is the PERFECT leader for Whites [sic] - if only they'd ask me.

Community Editor
[one of the Scripps Howard newspapers in Minnesota]

I would have thought you'd have gotten the idea from my column criticizing a Hispanic that I don't subscribe to the notion that it's forbidden to criticize someone outside your own racial or ethnic group. I am a homo sapien; they are homo sapiens. That is my standing. Those they oppress are human beings; that is my motivation. Please reread my column so you can see that I used Lopez as an example of what can and should happen to black demagogues; that is why they are mentioned.

I could give specific names of blacks who have shown good leadership qualities, but fact is you could pluck any black person off the street and have a nearly 100 percent chance of finding somebody who cares more about blacks than either Jackson or Sharpton because those two jokers are so obsessed with self-promotion that (like Lopez) they're constantly trampling their own people. As for your choice of white leaders, I think it's probably good nobody has asked you. But while you cannot have Kerry or Chomsky as your leader, you certainly can have Fidel. I hear tell the weather is also better in Cuba than in Minnesota. Are you planning to move?

Michael Fumento

August 18, 2005 10:42 PM  · 

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