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On greenhouse gases, "Do as I say, not as I do."

By Michael Fumento

Economist Robert Samuelson has an excellent column (does he write any other kind?) on the hypocrisy of the European nations who signed the Kyoto Accord agreeing to cut emissions allegedly contributing to global warming and that lashed out bitterly at the U.S. for not doing so. Turns out that, "From 1990 (Kyoto's base year for measuring changes) to 2002, global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas, increased 16.4 percent" overall. The U.S. increase was 16.7 percent, while in Greece it was 28.2 percent; Ireland, 40.3 percent; Spain, 46.9 percent; and Portugal, 59 percent. I would add that the situation is all the worse when you consider all the hot air European politicians and NGOs are sending into the atmosphere.

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Telling it like it is from Iraq

By Michael Fumento

In May I returned from an embed with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force in Fallujah, having gone over with the idea that the MSM wasn't telling it like it is. Guess what; they weren't. I've filed a couple of pieces on it, here and here, of which versions appeared on Townhall. But I just discovered the blogsite of Michael Yon, who in his June 28 entry gave an excellent description of detonating IEDs. Since I'd had the same experience, I can tell you that on at least this one aspect he was extremely accurate in describing the professionalism of our soldiers and the major difficulty of blowing an IED which is not being killed by A) suicide bombers, B) secondary IEDs, C) snipers, and D) ambush while you're doing the job. Actually, he may have overstated the risks a bit as on-the-scene reporters are wont to do. Still, his facts are detailed and well-told. Check him out.

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