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Daddy's Little Boy

Mr. Fumento,

It seems to me that you regard yourself as a wise man. But through reading some of your various comments, I inevitably come to a question. How can you consider yourself wise if you don't listen to the opinions of others (who [sic] you designate as uneducated and therefore a waste of time)? You seem to me an excessively proud individual. As can be seen when you list your relatively long list of accomplishments. But I put it to you that the very same bloggers and uneducated people you tear down; [sic] are the ones who built the schools you attended in order to attain that coveted education of yours. Have you forgotten that it is innovation, or the thinking outside the limits of collegiate teachings, that cause social change [sic]. While you put down the people with ideas deviant from yours (or maybe even the "educated"), your [sic] implying that the sharing of ideas through the internet is pointless. Inevitably, at the very least one person will visit each blogger site and then that idea will be spread. Deviant behavior has long been the instigator of change (remember the American revolution [sic]). I don't aim to discredit your ideas, just your recoil and attack upon others'. [sic] One can never be wise while listening to only their [sic] own council [sic]. [What "council" should I listen to, the Town Council?] The wisest men acknowledge as many ideas as possible and respect them for their courage to think differently at least.

With absolutely no respect for an "educated" fool,
Christopher Edward Hailey

Gee Mr. Hailey, can it be pure coincidence that you have the same last name as the blogger I made a fool of (Trust me; it wasn't difficult), namely Rich Hailey? Yes, I thought so. Defending papa? That's sweet. But alas, you have papa's penchant for spouting without thinking.

Obviously I do listen to others, which is why I post to my website give-and-take with countless writers on my Hate Mail pages, of which this is volume 26 with about 20 pages per volume. I even listened to your daddy, which is why I was able to rebut him. And I'm listening to you for the same reason.

You seem to believe that all innovation is for the better. Really? When the Germans found it was too time-consuming to keep killing Jews with bullets and by burying them alive, somebody came up with a wonderfully efficient innovation of combining fake showers with Zyklon-B gas. Dr. Guillotine's improvements to decapitation devices were also quite innovative. And oh yes, both did cause social change which you also seem to think is inherently for the better. Do you believe that we're better off now that Americans are ruder, far more likely to have babies born out of wedlock than 40 years ago, and that divorce rates skyrocketed?

The point is simple. There are good ideas and there are bad ideas. Your father's ideas are based on ignorance and to the extent they are taken seriously, they can cause harm. He made his own little shot-from-the hip contribution to America's SARS hysteria even as I was pointing out through use of data that it was indeed an hysteria. Once he was shown to be wrong (kind of hard to get lower than zero deaths) he simply refused to admit it. What then was his contribution? What was the value of his ideas? What was the value of his pooh-poohing the facts even after it was clear he had been completely wrong? None. He made no contribution to any debate; he contributed only to hysteria. His ideas should not have spread, anymore than the ideas of other hysteria-mongers should have spread. If he's not willing to take time to do the least research on a subject, he should keep his ignorant trap shut and locked. Yet he attacked me for being wrong!

The other issue he attacked me on was Atkins. As you know, your dad is fat. Yet he swears by Atkins. That leaves only one of two alternatives. Either he himself won't use the Atkins diet or he is on the Atkins diet and yet (as Atkins himself was when he died), he's still fat. So why is he defending it against criticism that I have repeatedly backed up with scientific literature?

When I am in a simple conversation and know I have nothing to contribute, I keep my mouth shut. Your dad and the vast majority of bloggers don't know how to do that. All they care about is "hits" to their website. We know that sensationalism draws more attention than logic and careful reasoning, therefore like most bloggers he caters to the sensational. Since bloggers put output over veracity, they're bound to be wrong much of the time. Hence most bloggers are either useless or worse than useless. I personally find the New York Times highly biased in many areas, but I'd certainly believe something there before taking the word of a blogger.

Finally, to see that I practice what I preach, go to my website and look at any column or article I've written in the last year. You'll note that I heavily hyperlink in order to allow readers to go to the same sources I went to get my information. How many bloggers do that? A few, but your father is not among them. It's all shoot-from-the hip and as a result utterly worthless. I see his attitude has rubbed off on his son.

Michael Fumento

Anthrax Vaccination Hate

[This relates to Hate Mail 22 in which I told a fake vet, "I doubt you served at all, but then neither do I care. So please serve your nonsense to somebody else."]


You can delete your e-mails to me [He appears to mean emails from him.] because you'll see them again in the book.

You'll be one of the certifiable boneheads. Dupe, or paid agent? Inquiring minds will want to know.


[omitted] Lacklen

Well, Mr. Lackluster, whereas a thorough search of the web fails to turn up your name as having written anything more than hate mail, much less a book, I don't think I have much to worry about you and your "book."

I'm going to resume ignoring you now, thanks.

Michael Fumento

Stem Cell Hate

Hysterical Laughter and All

[Note: My first exchange from this loon was in Hate Mail 21.]

From Time.com:

"Luckily for those who want truth and progress to flourish, Nancy Reagan is a strong political backer of stem cell research. In a few decades, people like Mr. Fumento will be regarded as off-the-wall dinosaurs, much like holocaust deniers. He feels he has the right, nay, the obligation, to distort fact and scientific evidence to further his own misguided conclusions. In fact, it should be pointed out that Mr. Fumento has no scientific acumen whatsoever. Though a few reactionaries may listen now, the sheer tide of evidence to refute his claims will make him a pariah in the eyes of the world at large, much like scaremongerers before Y2K."

Hehehe – seems like your house of cards is starting to collapse, Mr. "I published 5 books." When this is over they will make excellent firestarter.

[omitted] Longhurst

[He certainly hasn't heard about those 400 plus newspapers.]

Dear Mr. Longhurst:

I'm not surprised to see you're into burning books like Hitler was, but apparently you and I read two editions of Time.com. Perhaps they have a special edition for funny farm residents.

Michael Fumento

Hehe made you look ;)

Have you read "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Insanity" or does it just come naturally to you?

Michael Fumento

Implanted Hate

Dear Mr. Fumento,

In your article, you imply that women are inventing diseases to blame on silicone implants.

"Dow Corning had contributed about half of a $4.2 billion settlement – the biggest ever – for women claiming to suffer various illnesses from their implants... Earlier this year, however, it became clear that there were far more women trying to get a piece of the pie than there were slices"

You make these women sound like money grubbing [sic] cons. I guess I was one who was too dumb to try to 'get a piece of the pie' - I went for years without even thinking about the implants I had or how they might affect my life. I disregarded all the hype and litigation and never registered for the settlement. Now i [sic] have 20 year old [sic] ruptured implants with silicone floating in my chest cavity. I'm sure that's perfectly safe.

Literally a month after I graduated from law school (with honors), I have finally discovered that the aches and pains and fatigue that I attributed to being middle aged [sic] and in law school just might be something more. Blood tests show high antibodies, for which there is no logical explanation, and I have had MRIS [sic] up the yazoo [It's wazoo.] that suggest MS. I am not saying these are attributable to implants. In fact, I never even mentioned I had implants to my doctor until recently - after someone got in my face about it, and asked me if I had them. That was a doctor/lawyer whom I thought was pretty bold asking me such a personal question. I did tell my doctor and she immediately ordered an MRI

Both implants are ruptured – I suspect about 4 years.

Why do you assume that silicone is harmless? I don't quite understand it. IS it because something so profitable might be deemed dangerous and jeopardize all the silicone devices used in the medical industry? What if, just what if, there is a difference between liquid and gel silicone [There isn't any; it's all gel.] and a 'hard' silicone covering? The FDA is concerned about the effects of ruptured implants, and the lack of long term studies. How many studies do you know that tracked women with implants for 15 or 20 or 25 years? I did not think about replacing implants. What if, just what if, there really are autoimmune illnesses caused by silicone migrating to various parts of the body?

I honestly don't know the answer. I wish I did. I have also a science and engineering background, and I just don't quite see how silicone has been exonerated, as some say. Many of the studies were flawed. Many records, including mine, were destroyed after 7 years.

I do know how terribly depressing it is to wonder if I will be incapacitated, or if I will recover. Will I be able to practice law? See my grandson grow up? I'm not yet 50, but I feel like I am 100. I hope you don't put this in your 'hate letters', because it isn't. [Let me be the judge of that!] I just don't understand. It seems like a nightmare to me. What interested me in law in the first place was watching my father die of mesothelioma, and reading the Reports to the Senate Subcommittee on Asbestos Related [sic] Diseases. But that was in 1986. It took me nearly 15 years to be in a position to go to law school.

And now it may have been for nothing. I suppose that was junk science too though, attributing mesothelioma to asbestos. It was harmful for the business. It is rather ironic, don't you think?

[omitted] Winters

Dear Ms. Winters:

You're at something of a disadvantage in that while you refer to a single unidentified article that I wrote, I've actually written six on silicone breast implants in addition to an entire monograph. The can all be found here: http://www.fumento.com/suimplant.html

Yet the very quote you provide doesn't require the interpretation you gave it. Other than the metaphor, it should be taken literally. There isn't enough money that's been set aside to compensate all the women who say they should be compensated in addition to paying off their lawyers – though cutting out the lawyers would certainly help.

Regarding your ruptured implants, the studies indicate you are safe. First, encapsulization (the build-up of scar tissue around the implants) will keep almost all of the silicone right where it is. That's why your implants probably ruptured four years before you even noticed. Second, there's no evidence that the silicone would cause harm if it did leach into your body. You make the common error of mistaking antibody formation with harm. Regardless of disease causation, silicone is foreign to your body and it's understandable that your immune system would make antibodies to it. This reaction has plagued persons with coronary shunts, which as you know are tremendous lifesavers. Fortunately, the silicone antibodies do no harm as they do with the shunts.

By no means did I ever "assume" implants to be harmless. From my first article there was a mass of evidence indicating as much. Now it's simply more massive, to a point that the Institute of Medicine evaluated it a few years ago and came to the same conclusion I did. Yet since then have appeared the longest and largest of the implant studies, and they keep showing the same harmlessness. Some of these cover not 25 years but 40! On the other hand, they don't say implants will protect you from ever developing any form of disease or the aches and pains that do come with middle age.

Finally, regarding mesothelioma, don't try to put me in the box of pooh-poohing all industrial insults. I've never claimed that high levels of asbestos don't cause the disease, though I have written that low levels have shown no connection to either lung cancer or asbestosis. But I will say that natural substances like arsenic, cyanide, and lead usually dwarf the hazard of man-made products. In any event, each chemical must be evaluated on the basis of the science, not on what trial lawyers and other special interests would like us to believe.

Michael Fumento

Mad Cow Anger

All Zee Flesh-Eaters Must be Liquidated!

More lies, Michael. Shame on you again. Not only should every person be scared of mad cow, they shouldn't even be eating any meat at all.

Please don't write back.

We are all deeply ashamed of you.

Jose Bevilacqua

Dear Mr. Bevilacqua:

"Lies, lies, zay are all lies!" You do a really good Hitler imitation, both in writing and thinking. Obviously you'll latch onto anything that gets people to stop eating meat, however false it may be. Sorry, I wouldn't operate that way even if I were a committed vegetarian - as opposed to simply being committed as you should be.

We are all deeply ashamed of you.

Michael Fumento

By the way, on a blogsite Bevilacqua posted this:

Michael Funmento [sic] is what is known by REAL journalists as professional liar.

He makes his living lying to cover up actual public health issues such as mad cow, AIDS, SARS and anything that we [sic] put some more cash in his pocket.

Don't believe a word he writes and don't attempt to engage him in debate or dialogue. He will simply start rantiing [sic] at you like a lunatic and start name-calling like a big baby.

[Right, there's a whole lot of money to be made in saying that medical hysterias like SARS and AIDS are overblown. The Overblown Infectious Disease lobby is awash with money and pours it like water into the accounts of sycophantic writers.]

A Macintosh a Day Keeps Rationality Away

Dear Mr [sic] Fumento,

So glad you're comfortable with the state of the beef industry in the United States.

Truthfully, I can't believe that you're proud of the lack of reaction to the mad cow disease's surfacing in our food supply. I would almost think you're a beef industry spokesperson the way you downplay the possibility of risk. To think that the one and only infected cow in the U.S. was found despite the incredibly random and questionable testing process is naive at best. Then that one downer cow was sent blithely along to consumers while the tests were being performed.

When the symptoms of the disease in humans starts [sic] showing up 20 years later will you still be so smug? [How smug will you be when it doesn't?]

Don't you think there's any cause for concern for the public at all? Isn't it possible that the complacency you're so proud of is actually more worrisome than wonderful?

When I choose the food for my children it won't include beef until drastic changes are made in the way the public health regulators monitor the money-makers for the absolute safety of my family. I don't think it's hysteria. I believe it's an unfortunate necessity.

[omitted] Macintosh

Dear Ms. Macintosh:

So glad you're comfortable with being hysterical. I would almost think you're a vegetarian industry spokesperson the way you overstate the possibility of risk.

There certainly may be more than one BSE-infected cow in the U.S. system, but personally I thought I'd covered that rather nicely with relating how the British experience has showed us that it's clearly possible to eat beef parts packed with prions and still not contract a disease. Organic sprouts are clearly more dangerous; the FDA is constantly recalling batches.

"When the symptoms of the disease in humans starts showing up 20 years later will you still be so smug?" I like that; using a hypothetical as a fact! How about this? "When a disease as-yet unidentified in Macintosh apples starts showing up 20 years later will you still be so smug?"

Where in my piece did I say there was absolutely no cause for concern? Nowhere; you fabricated it. I described the horrors of the disease and made no blithe statements that no more such cows will show up. But that's not good enough for you; like so many Americans that I wrote about at the end of piece you simply like a good scare story and you're rather upset that this time you didn't get it. Actually, very little of my piece was devoted to saying there's no cause for concern; it was primarily about why the media have said so.

Insofar as drastic changes have already been made, the most important by far being the 1997 law that I described forbidding the feeding of animal parts to animals, you're a little behind the times. Oh, and now you accuse the cattle-industry of being "money-makers"! You, no doubt, somehow feed those children of yours by working while collecting no salary.

Finally, you can feed your kids anything you want that strictly speaking is not a poison. Toss Twinkies and Ho-Hos and sugar cereals down their little throats all day long. Give them diabetes, so that they can become like the third of all Americans who will soon have diabetes. Make them obese, like a third of our children are. But even if the chance of them contracting vCJD 20 years from now is one in 290 million, that's one too many right?

Michael Fumento


The Proof Is in My Waiting Room

Gee, were you wrong! Almost 50% of my patients are female.

Gerald [omitted] M.D.
Executive Director,
AIDS Research & Treatment Center [omitted]
Ft. Pierce, FL

Gee, I guess I was – assuming all your female patients, including the ones with all those track marks in their arms – contracted the disease through intercourse and that the practice of a single doctor can be extrapolated to the entire nation.

Michael Fumento

It must be hard to let loose of a deeply held conviction despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Sorry, but my "mountain of evidence" comes from the CDC's latest annual HIV/AIDS report, not from the private practice of a single individual. For your patients' sake, I pray you know a bit more about treating the disease than how it's spread.

Michael Fumento

Make Me Feel Bad, Why Don't You?

Dear Mr. Fumento,

Quite a few years ago, I read your book The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS. On Monday, January 26, the Rocky Mountain News ran your column in which you state that AIDS is still a politically incorrect disease, striking mainly Gay [sic] men and intravenous drug users.

My objection to both the book and your column is that your vision all too conveniently stops at the borders of Western Europe and the United States. You make excellent arguments in your book as to why HIV cannot rapidly infect healthy, reasonably monogamous Straight [sic] men and women.

But, you totally ignore Africa and other developing or third-world countries. There, AIDS is an equal-opportunity killer. I believe the ratio of infected men to infected women in Africa and many other places is damn close to 1:1.

I would love to know why your book title couldn't have been The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS in America, or why your most recent "AIDS and PC" column couldn't have pointed out the misery and suffering taking place outside the United States. What would be so horrible about acknowledging the catastrophic effects AIDS has had elsewhere?


Dear Peter:

It must have been quite a few years ago since you read my book, since you seem to have forgotten that it devoted an entire chapter to the situation in Africa. How that amounts to "totally ignoring" Africa I'm not entirely sure. As to the current situation, I'll probably be doing a column on that soon but the instigator of the column of which you speak was addressing strictly the U.S. epidemic and thus so did I.

Michael Fumento

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your reply. It was indeed several years ago I read your book, so I admit I have forgotten the material on Africa. I appreciate your reply as to why your column was focused on the U.S. and look forward to any future column on the subject you may offer.

I checked out columns on other topics at your website. I must say you write intelligent, well-reasoned columns, even if I don't always agree with your point of view.


Wrong as Ever

[This is a continuation of an earlier exchange, in which I apparently wrote something like, "When you're wrong, you're wrong."]

Well, when I'm right, I'm right. On your webpage in 2000, you listed the following:

Take, for instance, the claim that in rural areas, AIDS is "rising at a rate higher than in urban areas because the message takes longer to get into the rural areas," as the Fort Worth-Star-Telegram reported Blaine Parrish saying in June, 1998. Parrish is executive director of AIDS Resources of Rural Texas. "It's a massive denial of a problem in the rural areas because we believe it's only gay white men and IV drug users that get AIDS, but the greatest rise is among heterosexual teenagers 13 to 19."

Actually, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that AIDS never caught on in rural areas and is shrinking there even faster than in the rest of the country. And it's truly hard to comprehend how a drop in heterosexual teen cases can represent "the greatest rise."

Today, it was reported that:

People between the ages of 15 and 24 accounted for 50% of all new cases of sexually transmitted diseases in 2000 in the United States, according to two studies published in the January/February issue of the Allan Guttmacher Institute's journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, the Raleigh News & Observer reports (Avery, Raleigh News & Observer, 2/25). The reports provide the first national estimates for the prevalence and cost of STDs among young people (Sternberg, USA Today, 2/25). For the first study, researchers from Family Health International and CDC's Division of STD Prevention examined data from national STD case reports, national surveys, literature reviews and the World Health Organization in order to estimate STD incidence and prevalence for 2000 among people between the ages of 15 and 24. Researchers found about 18.9 million new STD cases occurred in 2000, and 9.1 million of the cases, or roughly 50%, occurred among people between the ages of 15 and 24. Researchers also found that human papillomavirus, trichomoniasis and chlamydia accounted for 88% of all new STD cases in that age group (Weinstock et al., Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, January/February 2004).

[title omitted]
Center for Health Services Research & Policy
Department of Health Policy
George Washington University

Sorry, you're still wrong. Is there any mention of any disease other than AIDS in the quote of mine you excerpted? No. Now, is there any mention of AIDS in the material you sent? No. I'm sorry, but I don't equate chlamydia, a usually harmless disease that's easily cured with a dose of antibiotics with a fatal disease for which as yet there's no cure. Does the term "apples and oranges" come to mind? Further, I was discussing historical trends. That was the entire purpose of the section you quoted. You respond with a statistical snapshot. Again, apples and oranges. Better luck next time.

Michael Fumento

[His entire response: "Hahaha . . . nice try, but the apples and oranges comment is cute." That's the type of person you find in public health these days.]

Gulf War Syndrome Hate

Coincidence? I Think Not! (Just plain stupidity.)

Dear Mr. Fumento,

I take it you didn't serve in the Gulf War. I take that you believe nothing happened to Gulf War veterans and non-deployed veterans. I think your [sic] crazy and in denial. This country has hidden things from the American people for decades and your type of writing just gives the government more and more ammo to do the same. I was one of the soldiers that didn't go to the Gulf but have Fibromyalgia [sic] and a slew of other problems since being in the military. I have 5 friends that were in Germany the same time the Gulf War was going on. We all were not sent to the Gulf War. My wife has MS; my former roommate was diagnosed with MS. The likelihood of two people from different places in the US and from different cultures both coming down with MS who were in close proximity to each other coming down with the same disease is improbable at best. Then Fibromyalgia being set in on [sic] other friends of mine the % [sic] of that happening is astronomical in proportion [sic] as well. IOM, is not the company it is Institute of Molecular Medicine, probably the reason you didn't use the proper name is because you would have been sued for false writings. These people do know what they are talking about and probably make more money in a month than you in a year and help more people than you could ever dream of helping in your pathetic existence. You are the one that blows, for justifying the lies and cover-ups supported by the government, like [sic] usual there is someone like you who belittles our very real circumstances and poor health, when we were healthy when we went in the service. The same people that keep you safe in your little office of sarcasm.

James E. Gomez

Dear Mr. Gomez,

In other words, while I suspect that many, if not most of the yahoos who write to me claiming they have GWS have never been near the Gulf you're dumb enough to actually admit it. Thank you. All you're doing is connecting random dots to create formations, just as the Greeks constellations out of random clusters of stars. You toss MS and fibromyalgia together even though the first is a readily-defined autoimmune disease while the second is a condition so broadly defined you can drive a Mack truck sideways through it and many doctors don't believe it deserves to be called a condition at all. You connect your wife to your roommate. (If there's something going on between your wife and roommate, that seems like a personal problem to me.) You connect illnesses in Germany with those from the Gulf because the soldiers happened to be in Germany during the Gulf War. So if I got a cold during the Gulf War while watching it on CNN, that's GWS too huh?

The only pattern here is you sounding like a total buffoon. IOM was never meant to refer to a company, but rather correctly refers to the Institute of Medicine. Anybody who knows how to construct an acronym would know that "Institute of Molecular Medicine would either be abbreviated to IOMM or IMM. And what the heck does different cultures and different regions have to do with MS? Nothing, that's what. If it's so improbable, then you must have some idea of the odds. You know, like a billion to one or something like that. So what are the odds? And what are the odds of, as you put it, "fibromyalgia being set in on other friends" of yours. You just say "astronomical." Okay, how astronomical? Ten million to one, a trillion to one? You must have some idea of the background rate to say that something is way over it, so what is the background rate? In fact, nobody on planet earth can determine it based on your connect-the-dots routine.

The one thing you seem competent at is name-calling. Why don't you stick to what you know best?

Michael Fumento

Hate Mail Hate

[This refers to an exchange posted on Hate Mail XVII.]

you have a lot [sic] of nerve printing my private email to you..



Dear Ms. Mintz:

I just wanted to share your profound wisdom with the rest of the world and this is the thanks I get!

Michael Fumento

Charles Berlitz Hate

Beware that You Don't Look Like a Fool – Trust Me, I Know

Did you mention Einstien [sic] worked on the math principles of the Philadelphia Experiment our did [sic] you not know that. Also, have you ever read his unified energy theory which does have a complete form but you will not be allowed to see it........

Or maybe you never saw the delta and omecron position of the experimental plane the gov. has? [I have never heard of any such aircraft and nothing on it comes up on Google.] Be careful when you defame [sic] what is the gov. interest to keep a secret of what they have or don't have.........Because when they realse [sic] the information you would or could look like a fool. Do not means [sic] these issues to you rudely but let Berlitz [sic] life be more the questions he brought up then the contempt of his families [sic] money.............Just thought to mention let dead men lie in their proper memory instead bringing out what others feared to discuss. See.


Yes, I see that on the one hand you're arguing that there really is something to the legend of a ship that disappeared, reappeared, then disappeared but then in the alternative you're arguing that because Charles Berlitz is dead his writings should now be immune from criticism. But what if somebody who criticized Charles Berlitz is now dead? That means you can't defend Berlitz against that dead person. It must be very confusing inside that little brain of yours.

Michael Fumento

Not really that confusing, it is just that sometimes on the internet which is not your fault others can use what you say or a dead man has said in the wrong context which always can happen. That means the slant though you did not mean it could be offensive or can offend the living relatives of the said [sic]. Merely positive crit. not negative. It is a free country to voice opinions and I understand that but if I do speak of the dead it is always in respect of 'that fact' even if I did not like them. I guess its [sic] the way [sic] of accepting our own eventual demise. Though I realize you do not have to agree with me on this, but it would be sad if other top secret groups used your or some others [sic] site to point at [sic] for disinformation purposes because then who used who [sic]? And for anyone I do not hope for that with a sincere meaning to that [sic], but again it is your choice like anyones. [sic]

ps. [sic] just the opinion of it, not the imposition of it.

[I hate it when people don't realize they're being made fun of. I let him have the last word.]

Agent Orange Hate

What makes you think you deserve "medical proof" on [sic] someone's illness caused by agent [sic] orange [sic] simply because you state that you don't believe anyone has ever been hurt by the chemical [sic].

I too served in the "US Army Airborne" (I notice you don't name a unit or where you served, probably Fort Bragg or Campbell). I served with the 1st Brigade of the 101st in nam [sic] during 1966 and 1967. I spent 10 months in the field...that means not in the base camp which was in Phan Rang at the time. No, my time was spent in the forward areas near Tuy Hoa, Kontum, Dakto, etc.

I was married shortly after returning and over the period of fifteen years my wife had three miscarriages. Each of my dead children would have been born with spina bifida we were told at the time. Two of the doctors actually said the miscarriage was a blessing. I, much later, found out that men exposed to agent [sic] orange [sic] sired children with that disease at a rate approaching ten times that of the general population.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, coincidentally I found that three of my friends in this small PA community were diagnosed with the disease within a year of my diagnosis. What did we have in common? We all served in Viet Nam in the period 1966 to 1969.

Am I forwarding documentation verifying the above. [sic] Hell no, you're not worth the trouble.

Vince [omitted]

Dear Vince,

Thanks for making my case so nicely. If you want to pretend you suffer from a disease that doesn't exist, it's incumbent upon you to provide some evidence. Would you simply accept my saying I met with representatives of the planet Hoboken in the Jersey solar system and that they put me in charge of the Earth – or at the very least the Playboy Mansion? Your spina bifida data are false. The CDC found a 70 percent increased risk among children of Vietnam vets and even that was not statistically significant. That means they found no increase. (He wrote back to say this proved his point.) Your children had the defect for the same reason or reasons as children of men who didn't deploy to Vietnam, but you blame your service whereas they have nothing to blame (or blame something else.) Likewise, other than basal cell carcinoma of the skin, prostate cancer is the most common malignancy of American men. I have had far more than three friends diagnosed with it but none served in Vietnam. None claim the victimization status you do; they just say they got prostate cancer. By "you're not worth the trouble," you mean you have no documentation. Tell your victim stories to people with more gullibility.

Michael Fumento

And I Wouldn't Have Plants Growing in My Armpits

Mr [sic] Fumento,

I have read several of your articles about Agent Orange and us [sic] vets getting paid for nothing but false claims. Since you are so firmly convinced Agent Orange is not the big bad apple vets claim [sic].

Why don't you make arrangement [sic] to have yourself sprayed like we were sprayed in Nam?

Then all you would have to do is say, look at me, I'm healthy and fit as a fiddle.

That's the best way I know of to prove your point.

But then again suppose you are wrong and all these Vets [sic] are right?

[omitted] Petzold

Dear Mr. Petzold:

I gladly accept your offer. Please have one 55-gallon drum of Agent Orange delivered to my home and be sure to check the "no signature required" box. Of course, Agent Orange hasn't been made since 1971 so getting it could be rather tough, but you issued the challenge so that's your problem.

By the way, what was your unit and when and where were you "sprayed?" Why don't you make arrangements to fax me your service records indicating you were in-theater? You can send them to 202-223-8595. My challenge is a bit easier to fulfill than yours, but here's predicting you won't rise to the occasion. [He didn't.]

Michael Fumento

Hard Drives, Harder Head

I'm curious what your personal self interest [sic] is for spreading unfounded lies? [As opposed, presumably, to founded lies.] I hope you're at least getting money from some company or government for spreading more false information about GWS. My youngest brother fought in the first gulf [sic] war and he has been bed ridden [sic] since 95' [sic] because of nuclear munitions use the government has been denying causes health problems. Whether this is because of his exposure to depleted uranium or the laundry list of vaccines he was forced to take is irrelevant, he can't get out of bed. We've got nothing but the run around [sic] from the pentagon [sic] and the VA. My own research has shown conclusively that GWS is a fact. I suggest you do more research on your own. You owe it to the 12000 [sic] plus [sic] troops who have mysteriously died for some 'unknown' reason [Hmm… Both "mysterious" AND unknown.] and the countless others who suffer like my brother. For someone who is 'a step ahead' your research methods are that of a third grader [sic]. Your participation in this cover up [sic] will only come back on you ten fold [sic].

John [omitted]
Western Digital Technologies

Dear John,

Offhand it appears that your curiosity is based on your inability to comprehend why somebody would be "spreading unfounded lies" that GWS doesn't exist if it does. The idea that maybe I'm not spreading lies is something you psychologically are unprepared to handle. But let's get this straight. Your brother is ill from "nuclear munitions use," yet "nuclear" refers to fusion or fission. Are you saying we nuked the Iraqis? That's a first even for you GWS conspiracy theorists. No, you have no idea what you're saying. You mean "radioactive." The radium in my watch dial is radioactive but there's nothing nuclear about it. You also seem to believe that somehow vaccinations can be related to fission or fusion or radioactivity. In fact, you don't know what you believe except that while this country is full of bedridden people, including young ones, the cause of your brother's condition is clearly Gulf-related. Has it occurred to you he may have no more intelligence than you and therefore be unable to figure out how to get out of bed?

I'm delighted to hear about your expertise in GWS. As somebody who works at a company that produces computer hard drives, it must come naturally to you. That I've been researching and writing on GWS for 11 years now is irrelevant to you. I came to the politically incorrect conclusion and therefore I must be wrong.

Finally, please provide a source for your 12,000 [plus] "mysterious" deaths. It, like GWS itself, is fictitious.

Michael Fumento

[This next letter had as the subject "How to Dissect a Worm."]

After reading a few more of your articles, I've decided to take your recent published articles and refute them line by line. I'm going to forward them to every major activist group for the topics you've covered and send them to your editor as well. I'm going to demonstrate point by point [sic] where your [sic] lying and ask that your various editors not publish you anymore. Of course there are a few of your publications I know the editors blatantly don't care about honest journalism, such as 'reason' [He means "Reason."], so I won't even bother appealing to their sense of morality and reason.

As a side note, I think you do have potential to reason through the data of any premise and come to a sound conclusion. Unfortunately I think you pursue your journalism based on a belief and then seek to validate that belief even at the cost of your own integrity. Truly sad indeed.

Trust me, you'll be hearing from me more and more. You have yet to discover my connections.

Oh God, no! Please, anything but that! The man from the hard drive company is going to ruin my science writing career! But as it happens, I do know your connections. You open up the computer, find a free bay, and connect the wirings to the drive. I'll bet you can do that in just half a day!

Michael Fumento

I design drives Michael. You on the other hand are a fraud and you know it. You don't even hold a graduate degree.

Be well. You'll be seeing me again.

You're right, a J.D. is not a graduate degree even though for some reason it contains the term "doctorate." And since I haven't seen you once, it would be tough to see you again. But if I see you for the first time, please make sure it isn't shortly after I've eaten.

Victims Are Heroes Hate

The world's least favourite Uncle-Sammy is an Empire [sic]...with what?...over 800 bases scattered across the globe...the question should be not if Pvt. Lynch was a hero,but,what the bleep she was doing there in the first place...

I don't know what the Hudson Institute is but let me take a wild guess.......ummmm,let's try a right wing [sic] think tank...I see also where you're ex-airborne..you no doubt like soldiers with balls....let me give you some...those poor schmucks in HAMMARRABI sitting in Soviet tanks circa 1970 waiting to take on the Americans,not in Seattle or Cleveeland [sic] but on their own land...

Kevin [omitted]

Dear Kevin,

Thanks for that nice discombobulated dose of good old-fashioned anti-Americanism. Those Iraqi tankers you weep for seemed to have no problems turning their turrets on their own people, whether it was the Shia in the south or the Kurds in the north. A T-72 against an unarmed civilian or perhaps some poor wretch with a rifle - sounds fair to me! I guess you were out to lunch when they were showing all that video of hundreds of thousands of bodies being dug up. And the wars Iraq started against Iran and Kuwait, let's forget about those too. But none of that is going to happen again thanks to those evil American imperialist swine. By the way, we also didn't fight the Germans or the Japanese in Cleveland, further proof of our vicious warrior ethic.

Michael Fumento

First of all,as we both know ,Iraq,cobbled together by the Brits is less a country than a collection of tribes...the Kurds,screwed out of a State [sic] by the Turks,the Armenians and of course Freedom's Land...the Shia,having more in common with Iran than they will ever have with the Sunnis...and the Sunnis...the brains of the outfit...currently being diddled by L. Paul Bremer....ya just gotta love those guys with initials for first names...You seem to get off on the jingo nonsense...hey it's a (semi) free country...me I'm a child of Vietnam...even at 22,I knew it was a civil war and not a convenience for Uncle Ho to eventually show up in Portland...

Incidently,you liberated squat in Iraq...you just got a bunch of good people killed and maimed...I'm always warned by the tinkle of so many leper bells when I read the Post...no matter,I use it to line my parrot,Fidel's birdcage...

Is this your pathetic way of justifying Saddam's murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians? (The question is rhetorical.) I'd guess you'd also argue the Vietnamese are better under communism than, say, the South Koreans whom we successfully defended from communist aggression. You're not so much a child of Vietnam as a child of Ho Chi Minh.

Michael Fumento

Well, Excuuuuuuuuuse Me!

Excuse me Mr. Senior fellow at Hudson Institute in Washington but your story in today's newspaper sounds as if Jessica Lynch pronounced herself a hero and then went on to seek interviews. From everything I have read and seen it was the media that pronounced her a hero, followed her to her hometown and put her picture everywhere.

Anchorage, Ak [sic]

Dear Carolyn,

Did the media sign her million-dollar book contract and sign her" motivational speaking" tour contract? Not bad for being negligent in keeping your weapon clean or being too scared to use it. And by the way, Mr. Senior Fellow defended you and yours for four years in elite units during the Cold War. There was no combat, but it was hardly fun and entirely thankless. That doesn't make me Audie Murphy, but it counts for something.

Michael Fumento

Capt. Non-Sequitur, USMC, (Ret.)

Poor baby.... "Nobody likes me because I write bad things" :-(

I guess that makes you a hero Mike.

Dave [omitted]
Capt., USMC, (Ret.)
Gulf War Veteran (non-victim)

Dear Capt. [omitted]:

How you can twist my statement that people send a lot of vicious emails when I write on certain specific topics into "The Passion of the Mike" is a bit beyond me. As it happens, I was flooded with nice emails concerning the very column you're criticizing, about half from present or former members of the military. Does that make me a villain? All I can say is that I'm glad you're retired and not in Iraq now. We've got enough troubles there as is.

Michael Fumento

I'm interested in issues surrounding Gulf War illnesses, for rather selfish reasons. Were it not for your vicious personal attacks on anyone who suggests that GW illnesses exist, I'd probably leave you alone. I just felt a bit ornery today so when I saw your name I thought I'd take it out on you :-)

Gotta go now. I have an appointment with my Rhuematologist [sic] for treatment of my "immune complexes", "undifferentiated connective tissue disease" and "cutaneous lupus".


Well my word, you originally presented yourself as a "non-victim" in order to appear to be a disinterested party. Now it's obvious you are blaming not one but three illnesses on your Gulf service. And you're so right to do so, because the fact is that nobody who did not serve in the Gulf has ever developed a connective tissue disease. No one! Honest! Really!

Michael Fumento

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