What's Really Wrong with Ryan and Alex?

By Michael Fumento

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Child Crying
The show selected two boys as representative examples of children with ADHD: They are not. Viewers watched the spectacle of Ryan and Alex acting violently and seriously misbehaving. But a psychiatrist who looked at the segment believes their behavior suggests that they are not typical of most children with ADHD.

The boys show signs of other problems, leading the psychiatrist to ask: 

"Do the children in the 48 Hours report, Alex and Ryan, have many more problems than just ADHD? Typical ADHD children do not act like these boys, leading me to wonder whether Alex and Ryan have more serious developmental disabilities." 
(Read the rest of his conclusions.)

Ryan's list of non-ADHD medications leads the psychiatrist to wonder whether the boy may even be suffering from other mental conditions. 

Video Clips of Ryan

Ryan's parents list his medications.
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